From Plywood to Masterpiece: Inspiring NYC Middle-Schoolers through Sailing

We all remember that one influence that made the little lightbulb over our heads flicker on. It may have been watching someone play an instrument in a way we had never heard before, or seeing a painting, or perhaps just the faith and patience of a teacher or mentor who gently guided us to follow our calling. Whatever it was it likely involved taking the ordinary and transforming it into something that transcends the everyday.

We got the GOLD

We are proud to announce that the Regatta has earned a 2024 Gold Seal of Transparency from Candid (formerly known as GuideStar). This seal indicates that we have provided information requested for transparency to donors, including recent year financial documents, information about our leadership, and our mission statement. As an organization, The New York Architects


It happens every year, but this year more so..After a great party, a day on the water, and then another great party, I just need a day to rest, gather my thoughts and put together a summary email.  And then, all of a sudden, it’s November…..  How did that happen? We had a great party