It’s Time to Sign Up to Change the World

Join the 2024 New York Architects’ Regatta!
The strength of our Regatta over the years has been fueled by the enthusiasm of new teams and their transformation into long-term members of our community. Each year, we rely on having about 80% of the event filled with returning teams (and their ever-important returning donors) and 20% “newbies” who often think they can come in and win. Once they realize there are some decent sailors in the event and that there is no prize for winning, they join the 80% in raising money and having fun.

Welcome to 2024!
There have been a few small changes—Dan handed the “President” title to Charles last year, and we have added a tool in our fundraising to help get matching donations. Now it’s time for you to hit the keyboards, set up your team, and solicit donations. With about two months until the event, summer is approaching, and we all know no one works on Fridays. With the launch of the website, it’s time for The Overseers to start getting engaged—meaning it’s time to encourage more teams to get involved. Expect emails and phone calls from Regatta Central over the next few days.

Here’s the new link to sign up:
New York Architects’ Regatta 2024
And you can email and we will send you our handy guide to setting up a team
[email protected]

Exciting news: someone has already set up a team and raised some money!

Lastly, a reminder: the Regatta has an Official Team Aggregator. For the past few years, there have been a few freelance teams. We can put you in touch with each other, creating more teams to race, raise money, have fun, and possibly take home the trophy.

Join us and be a part of something amazing!