It happens every year, but this year more so..
After a great party, a day on the water, and then another great party, I just need a day to rest, gather my thoughts and put together a summary email.  And then, all of a sudden, it’s November…..  How did that happen?

We had a great party indeed.  The New York Yacht Club were fabulous hosts, as we have come to expect,  Our favorite libation, that wonderful Mount Gay Rum, was readily available.  Emily Sheridan of Riverkeeper told us a bit about the great things that they are up to. A good time was had by all.

The Regatta – nearly flawless.  HRCS certainly knows how to organize a race, and this year the weather cooperated.  I have some thoughts about the ginormous hole in the wind under the Palisades, which a few of you may share.  Something I want to highlight – a few years ago we started forming a mixed/freelance boat as a way of keeping some people involved who did not have the support of their firms.  This year, they won the J-24 class.  Fuller D’Angelo won the J-80 Class.  Sailors often joke that even a bad day on the water is better than a good day in the office.  Personally, I like my job, but yeah, this was a fantastic way to take a break from what I do most weekdays. 

Finally, we gathered at the Hudson for the presentation of the “Boat Behind Trophies.”  My personal favorite – the Renzo Piano sketch of a sailboat that is hanging on the wall right behind me as I am typing this.  Thanks Chris!

It is, of course, a fundraiser, and the real point of this update is that I wanted to make sure to thank all who donated.  There were 454 individual donations, and every one of those has our thanks!  I firmly believe in our mission, and in the organizations we support.  I would not do this if I didn’t think it made a difference – and the truth is, it’s you how are making a difference.  Thank you!

That’s about it for the 2023 Regatta – grant checks have been cut and sent.  The educational programs we support are all shifting into their winter curricula, the environmental programs are continuing.  And we have started talking about the 2024 Regatta.  You will start hearing about that in a few months.

Again, THANK YOU!  You made a difference
Charles Prettyman
New York Architects Regatta Foundation

J-80 Class Results

  1. Fuller D’Angelo P.C.
  2. Rawlings Architects
  3. BKSK Architects
  4. Daniel Frisch Architects
  5. Dagher Engineering
  6. Spark Studio / HLW
  7. Workshop/APD
  8. Draftwork LLC
  9. Cerami & Associates
  10. Foster & Partners
  11. Dattner Architects

J-24 Class Results

  1. Freelance/Mixed Team
  2. Robert AM Stern Architects/RAMSA
  3. Marvel Architects
  4. SOM
  5. Gallin Beeler Design Studio
  6. Christina Halatsis Architects
  7. Grimshaw Architects
  8. Cetra Ruddy
  9. Atelier 10