The mid-point of our year

We have reached that point in the Foundation’s year when we are halfway between the last regatta and the next, which is a good time to reflect on what happened, and what we hope to accomplish this year

Our goals have always been to have a fun event with friends and colleagues that also raises some funds for a few charities about which we care quite a bit, all with Nautical relationships.   As we have for the past several years, we grew both the fun and the funds, and we’re busily preparing to do more of the same this year.

In 2016:

We added to the fun by adding a companion event, which we eventually named “The Industry Partners Regatta.”  Seven sponsoring firms raced on Wednesday afternoon, in a decent breeze, with Affinity Building Solutions coming out on top after 4 races.  And, we moved the after party out to the fantail of the Frying Pan – a small change, but it was one of the most energetic parties any of us can remember.

We also added to the funding.  Many kudos to the teams that accepted the challenge to find sponsors to match their contributions; you made a remarkable difference.  Despite losing a few of our previous sponsors, the “matching contributions” made this the most successful fund raising year so far.

The funds we raise go to programs that are growing, and making a real difference in the NY area waters – and beyond.

  • Hudson River Community Sailing, now in its 10th year, expanded their youth sailing program.  They also received support from NOAA for their accredited Ocean Literacy program, to collect marine debris from the Hudson and educate the public on its sources and impact.
  • Rocking the Boat is buying their building, securing their long-term future.  They have expanded their scholarship program, and plan to expand it to explore trade schools and college alternatives.
  • Soundwaters programs reached 32,000 students, more than ever before and they have invested in a new sailing dock, creating even greater opportunities for all children to experience the Sound.
  • Dee Smith was competing in the Paralympic Games at the same time we raced.  He finished those games in 4th place, and has since gone on to win the US Disabled Sailing Championship.

Things already happening for the 2017 Regatta:

Our first teams have signed up and we have our first commitments from sponsors.  Over the next six months, we anticipate posting several new sponsorship announcements to the Facebook page (be sure to like the page so you see them:  To continue growing the fun, we are making the Industry Partners Regatta a permanent addition, and we’re looking to build the biggest fleet in the Regatta’s history;  be sure to sign up soon.

To make it even more fun, we’re asking for wind on both days of the regatta this year.

The Board